Sunday, April 22, 2018

MM90 Painting Countdown: 21, 20 ... (it has become a trend - lol)

I was so close, but I had to call it in at 11 pm, yesterday. Base wasn't done and light was to bad for photos anyway - but then I woke up to this - - even with a little base - but I do miss the free hand on helmet, shoulder guards and the wrecking ball itself :-P

Darn, beaten again. Sjoerd called it Friday at 11am (while I were at work). I rushed home to prep it and I had it based and primed before the day was over.

Started Saturday at the annual "Road-Day" (we are partly responsible for the upkeep of the common areas around our little road here) - but I rushed backed late afternoon, and I began painting.

Gave it a good 3 hours, but couldn't make it, before calling it in at 11 pm - but I did sent Sjoerd a WIP-shot, this morning, to show how close it was.

Due to the wreaking ball I actually named this one - and called him Mylo Cyrus (and not Miley, you son of a .....) - cause, I'd never give a guy with a ball in chain a girls name. How stupid do you think I am? So it's Mylo after our male dog, of course ;)

But I shall forgive you! :-) Here is Mylo Cyrus:

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/4b

But that's not it, cause it's almost become a tradition posting two, so why not continue this trend. I challenge Sjoerd to paint yellow, so I thought I better challenge myself doing that difficult colour a go, too. So I've painted another one from Sjoerd's earlier countdowns. His first actually.

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/5c

And then it's my turn to pick one. This time I've chosen a piece already primed and based - should give me the upper hand .... :)

I call out the MM90/3b - the Khorne guy, but I shall try not to paint him red :)

But in all fairness, cause Sjoerd is actually on a stop-and-go trip to the Netherlands (as I write this), and maybe because I'm away the next two days, I won't rush this. Don't expect seeing it painted till next Sunday.

Monday, April 16, 2018

MM90 Painting Countdown: 23, 22 ...... - and counting

It's Monday and it's now my turn to post a finished piece after less than 72 hours calling the challenge and then claim the score .... I thought I had a stressing job, but it seems like my relaxing hobby can be even more stressful....

So, Sjoerd this one is mine - the MM90/5b is done or Ipkiss, cause you love naming them, don't you?Though I can't see whats wrong with letters and numbers.

And he even comes with an appropriated shield and scenic base.... (Sjoerd, that's the two round things you see down here - the one with the black rim he is sitting on and the round piece in his left hand, should you be in doubt).

I'm fortunate to have found about 20 of the original Marauder Miniatures Undead shields that came in the MM90-blister packs, back in the day - and I will be using these little gems for this countdown-project here (as they are almost as hard to find as the miniatures themselves):

Marauder Miniatures Undead shield sprue

And without further ado, led me present Mr. Golden-Green, the:

Marauder Miniatures MM90/5b

Not an easy one doing - not only is this a poorly cast miniature (slipping mould issues) but I really struggled doing the gold right. I'm still not 100% happy with the metal work, and will have to practice a bit more (Darn, cause I'd had great expectations after finding the Vallejo Metal Colors. Love the silver ones - but the gold has a strange green tint to it ....?) Any good golden metal recipe is  very welcome.

And that's not all ... no, cause when painting single miniatures I'd like something else to work on, while paints and washes are drying. So why not start on one of those the Evil Litte Bugger  had alreday painted. So as the title say and to even the score a bit, another one is done - this time it's the MM90/5a - (yes, the hair ball) that has received some paint as well.

I think Sjoerd called this one "Cousin Itt" after some old (probably black and white) movie from his youth. I'd have called him Chewie, though (but that says more about my ages, right?) :)

But here he is, Mr. Blonde:

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/5a

So Sjoerd, what are we painting next? My brushes are getting cold .... :)

Friday, April 13, 2018

MM90 painting countdown: 24

Like said earlier this week, I've challenged my good friend, Sjoerd Trowee in a MM90 Paintaton. Last Friday, Sjoerd called the MM90/5D as our next subject and I'm to paint that one, now.

Sjoerd finished it Monday, and then posted his piece on the blog. He did a stunning job.

Sjoerds mission is to replicate the original paintjob from the Marauder Miniature Catalogue - or as close as he can with the limited supply he is destined to being deployed in the Arabian dessert. Where I'm going to try out a more modern approach - and try prove that they still have a place in mordern war gaming.

Here's Sjoerd's finished piece - but do take a look at the blog as well:

Am I the only one who's missing an important part to call this one "done"...? Pretty sure something important is missing ... it's not a shield as it's a two-handed weapon ... but still something ...?

Well, never mind - cause I'm down on 23, now - let me present "Mr. Red":

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/5d

Now, that's what i call a finished piece, mate - note the little round thingy he is sitting on ;-) Muahahaha! :-D

And then, I'm to call the next one ... I might be down on 23, but Sjoerd is on 21 and have already painted the MM90/5a, MM90/5c and d, so why not let him complete the MM90/5s - I would have called the "ever so sort after" Marauder Chaos Dwarf Crossbowman - the MM90/5b, but it seems like Sjoerd has left that one back in Holland. So rather than wait for him collecting it - I'm calling another one - another guy with an awesome face mask - the MM90/6b - so Mr. Trouwee it's time for you painting yellow, hi hi hi :-D

Unpainted, Saturday 14th April 2018 08:54 am CEST

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The MM90 countdown - the beginning.

Like most "real" Chaos Dwarfs fanatics,  I considered the Marauder Miniature range of Chaos Dwarfs (the MM90-range) as being the ultimate and most true chaos dwarf line ever made - and they have had a huge influence on my own Ewal Dvergar-range.

Marauder Miniatures was set up by Aly and Trish Morrison back in 1988. Till then, the two had been working with Games Workshop for quite a few years when they decided to set up there own company. Their's lots of rumours why this happened , but like many I was stunned by their art direction and choice of style and how they put distance to the well-known Citadel ranges.

In 1993 the Marauder Miniatures where merge into the Citadel range, but not many of the sculpts survived in the long run, unfortunately - and soon became collectables.

The MM90-range where produced by Marauder Miniatures back in 1988-89 and were all sculpted by Aly Morrison.

MM90 Ad from White Dwarf #117 (Autumn 1989)
Now why is this relevant you might ask, well the answer is rather simple.

Back in the '80s I wasn't allow to buy huge quantities of miniatures by mail order and sending money to an unknown company abroad. For a danish kid back then, it was rather expensive with international money orders, taxes and shipping nor were my parents that supportive, and they were pretty sure it was some kind of scam, cause "what company could make a living from making gaming pieces"? So I could only droll over those awesome pictures and dream of having my own set.

So it wasn't till around 2005/2006 I actually began collecting the Marauder Miniatures and by then they had become rather hard finding - and it took me quite a few years (and a lot of helpful friends) finding and complete collecting a full set. 
I achieved it, but I haven't had the guts to paint them. Those of you that have been following my paintings will know, that I've only painted two - the Mage and the crosbowman (but I even gave him a Blunderbuss to hide what he really was). 
I'd given it a go quite a few times, but stripped them all again, every time. They are the corner stone in my collection, but I struggle giving them the paint job they deserve.

But now it's time to try again. Good friend Sjoerd Trouwee (yes, the sculptor of the Son's of Siegward ) has re-found his painting mojo and has even started blogging about it - go check it out here @Evil Little Buggers. So we have agreed doing a little "paint of" - challenge and see if we can succeed painting the complete MM90 range - a MM90 painting countdown so to speak.

I've given him a head start, as he is down with 3 - and he has now painted the MM90/5a,c and d. He called the challenge for painting MM90/5d last Thursday (5th April) and posted the finished piece yesterday (9th April) ... pretty sure he has cheated a bit - hasn't you Mr. Sjoerd "Slow Hand" Trouwee? Also unfair calling it, while I'm away, ain't it? Anyway, I better get cracking, right?

And just to prove I'm not a cheater :-P

MM90 Painting Countdown: 24 (on your mark, get set, go!)

And I'm pretty sure I'll have it painted before his done basing - lol :-P

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Collecting John Pickford: the Alpine Dwarfs on Kickstarter

The OS Miniatures Company (OSM) are running their third Kickstarter campaign and again its involving John Pickford. This, third campaign, is all about a general release of the Alpine dwarfs - yes, those dwarfs I preview back in June 2017.

I've been fortunate to pick up a set of these skiing dwarfs as OSM sold a limited number of sets through their FB-page.

And they are truly magnificent:

So, if you like what you are seing - why not stop by the Kickstarter campaign and also have a look at the beautiful painted samples Jamie did - just click the widget here

Oh, and don't forget to check out the awesome stretch goal that'sjust been added - a  verynice little OSM signature piece - also by John:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Collecting John Pickford: Pig-faced Orcs

Prior to the Sporks I showed you Friday, John did a small range of Fantasy Pig-faced Orcs. The range were sculpted during 2010 (I believe), but again unreleased til 2012 when Foundry published the God of Battle's rule set, written by Jake Thornton.
In GoB the Pig-faced Orcs are part of The Thousand Tribes. In here Thousand Tribes are described as a loose confederation of tribal people how share similar believes of animistic spirits.and ancestor worship. The Pig-faced Orcs seems rather useful as such.

The original range consisted of following 8 sets:

  1. Orc Command (Chieftain, Champion, Shaman, Standard Bearer, Musician)
  2. Orc Warriors armed with a mixture of crude hand weapons (5 models)
  3. Orc Warriors Slightly armoured, armed with a mixture of crude hand weapons (5 models)
  4. Orc Warriors armed with a mixture of crude spears (5 models)
  5. Orc Warriors Slightly armoured, armed with a mixture of crude spears(5 models)
  6. Orc warriors with Crossbows and arrows (5 models)
  7. Orc warriors with bows and arrows (5 models)
  8. Orc Warrior characters (5 models - incl. Black Smith, forge, helper)

However, the initial release only included these 4 set - here (all available from Casting Room Miniatures):

TT402 - Pig Faced Orcs
TT403 - Pig Faced Orcs Command

TT407 - Pig Faced Orcs

TT408 - Pig Faced Orc Archers

But with the help of Maria Ansell and David Wood I can now "reveal" the missing codes from this wonderful range:

TT401 Pig Faced Orc warriors with hand weapons

TT404 Pig Faced Orcs with Crossbows

TT405 Shaman and forge

TT406 Pig Faced Orcs (slightly armoured) with hand weapons

So lets open them and see what's inside, shall we?

Wargames Foundry: TT401 Pig Faced Orc warriors with hand weapons

Wargames Foundry: TT404 Pig Faced Orcs with Crossbows

Wargames Foundry: TT405 Shaman and forge

Wargames Foundry: TT406 Pig Faced Orcs (slightly armoured) with hand weapons

All new pig-faced orcs have been added to the Wikia - here: